End The Sanctions on Syria

Economic sanctions have combined with western-backed terrorism, and constant lies about who is responsible for civilian massacres, in attempts to cripple the Syrian state. Lets end the sanctions on Syria

Economic Sanctions

Sanctions punish the Syrian people, indiscriminately, in the form of an illegal and near genocidal siege

Sanctions on Syria

Western governments don’t learn from previous lessons. They imposed sanctions on Iraq and the only party which was affected was the Iraqi people. Now the same thing is being inflicted on Syria. They would not hurt Assad personally but the Syrian people are suffering.


It is funny that the United States decided to provide the ‘moderate elements in the opposition with nonlethal weapons’. One wonders did the US list the names of ‘moderate elements’ so the Syrian people, even those against President Assad, would know what is happening?


The terrorist or ‘humanitarian’ war on Syria is backed by enforced shortages of medicines, food, fuel, machinery, transport equipment and communications technology.


Having failed to topple the Syrian Government by force, western powers plan a vindictive punishment of the Syrian people, for having supported their government. The aim (as with the 50 year blockade of Cuba) is most likely an attempt to incite despair and domestic revolt.


Hospitals have been devastated by the bombardment of terrorists with no word of condemnation by the Western powers. Illustration: Health Minister Dr Saad al Nayef told the World Health Assembly in Geneva (21 May 2014) that 701 of 1,921 Syrian health centres have been ‘completely gutted’ by the terrorist attacks. Yet rehabilitation of these centres is retarded by the US-EU sanctions, which have already left ‘a deep mark on the healthcare system’. Russia and Cuba have stepped into the breach, at least to provide essential medicines

Destruction in Syria

You can start by SHARING!

Raise your voice in any way you can to: (a) call on local groups and representatives to demand an end to the illegal and inhuman sanctions on Syria, (b) draw attention to the combined impact of terrorist attacks on Syrian health centres and the US-EU sanctions which affect the entire health system, including by blocking access to medicines, medical equipment, transport and communications; (c) point out that similar sanctions on Iraq in the 1990s were shown to have caused the deaths of more than half a million Iraqi children; but it took years for this to come to light. Don’t let the same tragedy be inflicted on the people of Syria!

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Download and send this form to your Government Ministers & MPs (CLICK HERE)

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